Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Poem: Dirtbike 830.2

There I sat upon my shelf
It was just me, I was by myself

When a bright, white light arose
And a question to no one I posed,

“Ahh, so bright! What is this?”
And then came a feeling of absolute bliss.

I could feel in my heart, a burst
All the bad feelings left, the worst

And on my shelf I did rise
I peered, and to my surprise

I was not alone after all
With the light that gave its call

Now I could see
It was never just me

There were many shelves, above and below
Filled with other little egos

All rubbing their eyes with might
Against the bright, love filled light

Now I am awake
No longer a flower I make

Filled with absolute love
Given from the beautiful light from above.

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